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Role of empathy in maternal health service

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Hello I am Ada. I am here with Massai women. The Massais are semi-nomadic pastoralists. The cattle are fundamental to the tribe’s survival. Cattle are a major sign of wealth and exchanged during marriage to pay for brides. Maasai huts

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Child marriages violate human rights

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Child Marriages Child marriages are happening in some of the communities in the developing countries due to customary obligation such as dowry, poor economic status, extreme hardships or religious disbelief. It is regarded as unlawful and violation of human rights.

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MDG maternal mortality quick facts

MDG5 Status

Maternal mortality has declined by nearly half since 1990, but falls far short of Millennium Development Goal target In Eastern Asia, Northern Africa and Southern Asia, maternal mortality has declined by around two third. Only half of pregnant women in developing

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