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On March 2013, Oratechsolve Inc initiated “Protect Mothers: Healthy Nation = Healthy Mothers + Healthy Children” project to bring positive, sustainable behavioural change in maternal and neonatal health.

education for sustainability

education for sustainability


Creating a sustainable behavioural change in the community requires individuals and organizations have the knowledge, skills, values, capacity and motivation to respond to the complex sustainability issues they encounter in their day-to-day personal and working lives.

How can Education for Sustainability facilitate positive behavioural change?

With education individual and organizations can work in conjunction with and complementing other approaches about complex issues. It builds capacity in individuals and organizations for transformational change. It fosters new knowledge, new behaviors, systems, and practices among individuals and organizations. It emphasizes creative, critical and innovative approaches to facilitate positive, sustainable behaviour changes.

Why have we to envision a better future?

Envisioning a better future establish a link between long-term goals and immediate actions. It motivates people to take action by harnessing their deep aspirations. It identifies relevance and meaning of behavior of different people. It explores new ideas about how to achieve positive, sustainable behavioral change. It offers people direction and energy to take action. It results in taking the ownership of visions, processes, and outcomes.

Why critical thinking and reflection is important?

Critical thinking challenges us to examine and question the underlying assumptions that shape our world, knowledge and opinions by looking beneath the symptoms of unsustainable practice. It develops the ability among the individuals and organizations to participate in change. It provides a new perspective to the situation. It promotes alternative ways of thinking.

Why participation of individuals and organizations in making of sustainable change required?

The idea of creating positive, sustainable environment goes beyond consultation. It involves people in joint analysis, planning, and control of local decisions. It puts decision-making and responsibility for outcomes in the hands of the participants. It creates a greater sense of ownership and commitment to action. It builds capacity for self-reliance and self-organization. It empowers individuals to take action.

Why partnerships of individuals and organizations for positive, sustainable behavioral change required?

Partnership strengthens ownership and commitment to sustainability actions through formal and informal opportunities for learning. It builds a shared vision amongst a diverse range of stakeholders. It motivates and adds value to initiatives.

What is System Thinking?

Systems thinking is a holistic approach to analysis a system’s interrelated constituent parts and how systems work over time and within the context of larger systems. It identifies connections and relationships. It shifts thinking from ‘things’ to ‘processes’. It integrates decision-making and adaptive management techniques.

Education for Sustainability goes beyond providing information about the environment. It is a process that motivates and engages people in creating sustainable futures. It is not only a process that builds competence, but also a change strategy that will assist people and organizations to move towards sustainability.

What are the advantage of Education for Sustainability?

Education for Sustainability can be a process for:

  • Developing and implementing policy as a whole-of-government approach
  • Facilitating the shift to sustainability thinking throughout the education sector, both within the curricula and in the governance of the institutions themselves
  • Enabling communities to develop strategies for a sustainable future in partnership with local government
  • Developing change programs for all organizations, government and private, including business and industry (from small businesses to multinationals), local government and community organizations.

What does Education for Sustainability promote?

  • Understanding :
    • By going beyond awareness raising to address the underlying issues causing the unsustainable practices
  • Value clarification : 
    • By creating a sense of personal relevance in, and connection to, change for sustainability
  • People as the key to change :
    • By promoting capacity building opportunities that harness the ability of individuals to act as agents of change
  • System change :
    • By helping learners develop skills that influence change within the system, organization or wider society
  • Integration and Innovation :
    • Integration, transformation and innovation are needed to change organizational and individual behaviour
  • Alternative futures :
    • By using positive methods such as futures thinking to create alternatives to the current situation that lead to action plans for change
  • Reflection, negotiation, and participation :
    • By challenging the role of the educators as the conveyor of information;
    • By encouraging a collaborative learning process using critical reflection, negotiating ideas and building trust;
    • By building the capacity of the learner with life skills for sustainability



Mission: To create innovative educational environment to uplift needy and underprivileged women

  • Pregnant women mortality issues in Ethiopia :
    • Research challenges and issues
    • Design and develop social behaviour transformation strategy
    • Research potentials partners collaboration for solution implementation
  • Pregnant women’s issues in Alberta :
    • Research challenges and issues
    • Design and develop social behaviour transformation strategy
    • Research potential partners collaboration for solution implementation
  • Pregnant women’s issues in US :
    • Research challenges and issues
    • Design and develop social behaviour transformation strategy
    • Research potentials partners collaboration for solution implementation
  • Pregnant women’s issues in India :
    • Research challenges and issues
    • Design and develop social behaviour transformation strategy
    • Research potentials partners collaboration for solution implementation
  • 3D Virtual Interactive Simulation Training :
    • Research current educational method
    • Research  3D platforms functionalities and features
    • Research potential partners for developing solutions
    • Design and develop interactive module to educate citizen and healthcare providers
Vijaya Sawant

Vijaya Sawant is an exceptional project management professional with a unique blend of business, project management and technology skills. She has more than 25 years of latest technology implementation experience in both matrix and projectile environment. She has a first-rate track record of successfully spearheading and delivering a broad range of high impact, high profile projects, including leadership of multi-national, multi-vendor teams. She has demonstrated ability to bring about positive change through crafting relationships with multi stakeholder groups and service delivery groups, understanding business needs and proposing and delivering viable technology solutions.

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