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Health Promotion Approach

Healthy Nation = Healthy Mothers + Healthy Children 

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To promote the self-management of health among communities and reduce the healthcare cost, we need to strengthen our existing health information distribution method and system. Every person has right to know about own health and should able to take the correct decision. We have to empower women, men, families and communities to gain control over maternal and newborn health and related potential problems. We need to increase the access and utilization of quality health services, particularly provided by the skilled attendants. Through this project, Oratechsolve Inc is collaborating with Communities, Universities, Healthcare Centres, Non Government Organizations, Philanthropy Institutions, Private Sectors and Subject Matter Experts from various fields to facilitate positive, sustainable, healthy behaviour change in the society.

Maternal & Neonatal Health Information Access
The five key actions areas in Health Promotion are:

  1. Build healthy public policy: Need for policies to “hold things together”
  2. Create supportive environments for health: Strengthen linkages for social support between women, men, families and communities and with the health care delivery system
  3. Strengthen community action for health: Increase awareness of the rights, needs and potential problems related to maternal and newborn health
  4. Develop personal skills: Improve quality of care and of health services and of their interactions with women, men, families and communities.
  5. Re-orient health services: Develop capacities to stay healthy, make healthy decisions and respond to obstetric and neonatal emergencies.

The three basic strategies to promote health among women, families and communities are:

  1. Enable: Create a climate in favour of public participation to improve their own health.
  2. Mediate: All policies which have a direct bearing on health need to be coordinated.
  3. Advocate: Provide more responsibility to community based services for health promotion and disease prevention.

Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) PMNCH is hosted by the World Health Organization and chaired by Mrs Graça Machel. The Partnership joins together the reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health communities, encouraging unified and effective approaches to improve health in countries. The Partnership enables members to share strategies, align objectives and resources, and agree on interventions to achieve more together than they would have been able to achieve individually. As a member of Private Sector Constituency, Oratechsolve Inc is advocating for the life of every woman, newborn and child, supporting the concept of continuum of care and supporting the implementation of the Partnership Strategic Framework and contribute where relevant to the PMNCH annual workplan.

Programmatic partner of Canadian Network of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (CAN-MNCH)  CAN-MNCH is a network comprised of 70 Canadian organizations who are actively engaged in MNCH work in over a thousand regions around the world. The Network has been given a mandate by the partner organizations to play a leadership role in developing synergistic collaboration among Canadian constituents. The concept of bringing together these organizations with different expertise to facilitate their collaboration, especially in-country, is exceptionally innovative. The gains in impact on MNCH and aid effectiveness are strong drivers for this initiative, especially in a new era of increased accountability and the need for comparable metrics.

Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA)  has been one of the implementing partners of US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). It is contributing its utmost in the form of professional inputs to improve public health practice and service delivery in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention and control in Ethiopia. EPHA is strengthening the institutional and leadership capacity of government institution including Ministry of Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention and control office, Ethiopian Health, Research and Nutrition Institute to respond to the HIV epidemic and meet MDG targeted health problems. It will also continue to strengthen the health demography surveillance sites (HDSS) and mortality surveillance professionals in the field of epidemiology that are capable of managing emergency situations including epidemic investigation, response and surveillance systems. EPHA coordinates ongoing and new bio-behavioral, mapping and size estimation surveys on key population with repeat to address each target group with appropriate HIV prevention, mitigation and control programs. They provide leadership in strategic information, research methodology and ethics training to health professionals in the partnership with local universities. They are generating operational data for decision making and strengthening program and continuing to support building the capacity of the Ethiopian Public Health Laboratory Professional Association (EPHLA) to expand standard laboratory practice related to HIV/AIDS both in private and government sectors.

Global Health Media Project  produces and distributes clinical training videos for frontline healthcare workers in low-resource settings. Based on international standards of care, the videos provide high-quality, step-by-step visual instructions that are easy to understand and put into action. The videos are professionally filmed on-location in developing world health clinics and voiced over to enable narration in local languages. The videos are distributed free-of-charge via the internet, where they can be watched online or downloaded to mobile devices for offline use.

Ethiopian Midwives Association is carrying out various projects with a mission of promoting and enhancing the expansion, performance and status of midwifery profession through adopting quality and evidence based practices adhering to the code of ethics and empowering the professionals. Their goal is contributing towards the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality in Ethiopia. They are working with the Ministry of Health, UN agencies and development partners to contribute to the reduction of maternal and child mortality through building the capacity of midwives. They are developing standard and guidelines to insure quality of maternal and child health service provision in the country. They are also initiating different activities and program at the community level in order to increase the health seeking behaviour of the community.

Adama Science and Technology University’s slogan is “Mother shouldn’t die because of pregnancy”. Asella Hospital was handed over to Adama Science and Technology University on November 27, 2008. It serves 3.5 million population of Asella town and remote areas of Arsi zone. The hospital is contributing its role on Saving Lives at Birth by providing service free of charge for delivering mother in its Gynaecology and Obstetric department. The hospital is also providing care for neonates in neonatal ward to combat serious infections at high risk period. The school have sufficient number of professionals both in public health and clinical areas.

ChangeWithLearning is an international consulting firm founded by Mireille Lucas. She has more than 30 years experience in delivering Learning Services of high quality and effectiveness. She has spent most of her working life on International projects with different industries.

Vijaya Sawant

Vijaya Sawant is an exceptional project management professional with a unique blend of business, project management and technology skills. She has more than 25 years of latest technology implementation experience in both matrix and projectile environment. She has a first-rate track record of successfully spearheading and delivering a broad range of high impact, high profile projects, including leadership of multi-national, multi-vendor teams. She has demonstrated ability to bring about positive change through crafting relationships with multi stakeholder groups and service delivery groups, understanding business needs and proposing and delivering viable technology solutions.

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