Breastfeeding practice in Pakistan

Pakistani woman with baby

Breastfeeding rates are low in Pakistan – around 25% in the first hour following birth. Breastfeeding practice in Pakistan is declining. The fall in breastfeeding practice in Pakistan is undoubtedly because of many factors, increased urbanization, rapid supply of infant formula,

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Why literacy rate in Bihar is low after 65 years of independence

Indian literacy rate

Why Bihar’s literacy rate is low in India? Isn’t it because of the level of education of political candidates and state level ministers? Indian Constitution Neither the Indian Constitution nor the Representation of the People Act has any mention of

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Volcano: Global climate change and health hazards


Chile’s Calbuco Volcano erupted third time on April 23, 2015. More than 4,400 people were evacuated by military and police force. A 20-kilometer (12-mile) exclusion zone has been established around the crater, and Chilean authorities have been keeping residents away

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Request for Applications: Independent Accountability Panel

United Nations Secretary General’s Independent Accountability Panel for the Global Strategy on Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health: Request for Applications The Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health (The Partnership) is soliciting applications for vacancies on the United Nations Secretary

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Strengthening Accountability of development aid

Poor Indian mother and child

Elections are the indispensable root of democracy. Opposition organizations must be free to organize and campaign without fear. Elections measure citizens’ perceptions of their leaders, but elections that don’t work not only obscure citizens’ views, they reveal fundamental cracks in

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Confused….Should I take GMO or Non-GMO food?

GMO Tomato

What is GMO? A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes

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Global Goal 3: Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health


Despite important progress, unfortunately each year 6.3 million children still die before the age of 5 and 289,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth. A third of children fail to reach their full potential. Innovation is needed to rectify this

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Induction labor: FAQ

What is an induction? Labor is induced when it is safer for the baby to be delivered than to continue the pregnancy. It happens at different times for different reasons. In a healthy pregnancy, induction happens when a pregnant woman

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World suicide prevention day


Every year more than 800,000 people die by suicide. It means around one person do suicide every 40 seconds. India is accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world. Suicide rates show a lead among the young

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What happens during birthing

Pregnant woman

You have been waiting for this day for 40 weeks. you are finally in labor. Here is what happens during birthing and what to expect at every stage of the process. First stage (7 to 8 hours) During early or

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