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Breastfeeding practice in Pakistan

Pakistani woman with baby

Breastfeeding rates are low in Pakistan – around 25% in the first hour following birth. Breastfeeding practice in Pakistan is declining. The fall in breastfeeding practice in Pakistan is undoubtedly because of many factors, increased urbanization, rapid supply of infant formula,

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Induction labor: FAQ

What is an induction? Labor is induced when it is safer for the baby to be delivered than to continue the pregnancy. It happens at different times for different reasons. In a healthy pregnancy, induction happens when a pregnant woman

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What happens during birthing

Pregnant woman

You have been waiting for this day for 40 weeks. you are finally in labor. Here is what happens during birthing and what to expect at every stage of the process. First stage (7 to 8 hours) During early or

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Newborn baby survival map

Newborn baby survival map

Nearly 70% of maternal and newborn deaths are concentrated in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, DRC, China, Ethiopia, Angola, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Sudan, and Niger. MDG Health Alliance, Johnson & Johnson, FHI360 are collaborating to create digital Newborn Baby

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Gender Science in corporation

Men and women brain

We enter the workplace not only as a human being, but as a woman or a man. Each workday is a meeting of gender-different styles, modes of operating and leadership skills. The corporation that utilizes the principles of gender science

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Meeting with friends and family

Senior women talking

Not meeting with friends and family on a regular basis is linked to a shorter life. It is easier than ever to make new friends, keep up with old ones and keep in touch with far-flung family members. However, scientists

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Unborn babies can feel pain

Unborn baby

There is substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain. The National Institutes of Health define pain as a basic boldly sensation that is induced by a noxious stimulus, is received by naked nerve endings, is

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Dolphin assisted therapy during pregnancy

Dolphin assisted therapy

We will discuss about the Dolphin assisted therapy during pregnancy in this article. Most of us are aware of dolphins as loveable, playful animals that appear in oceanarium shows, on television and in movies. They are subjects of naval and

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How to do Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding with tube

Within the first few hours after birth, most healthy newborns will instinctively move to their mother’s breast and attach on their own. It is very important not to wash baby’s hand and mother’s nipple after birth because baby smells amniotic

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Food decoration Ideas


The food decoration is as important as food deliciousness to express your talents and making happy your family and guest. It is a great tradition to present food in a nice and attractive way, decorating with complimentary colours and creative

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