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Solar lamps illuminate night school

Solar lamps

Patan is a small village, 7 kms from Tilonia in Ajmer district in Rajastan, India. It has a night school set up with the help of Social Works and Research Centre (SWRC) Barefoot College which runs everyday from 6pm to 10pm. When the

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Healthy mothers build nation

Are we focusing on iceberg tip instead of the bottom of iceberg in maternal health care sector? The bottom of the mortality iceberg is made up of individual ignorance, inadequate qualified health care professionals, insufficient medical facilities, unavailability of transpiration,

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Leadership theory: famous quotes

Leadership theory from Vijaya Sawant Greatest Leaders And Their Sayings from Vijaya Sawant  

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Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Analysis


SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats involved in a project or a business venture. It is necessary to carry out SWOT analysis to keep the project on the track during

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Leadership tricks


I was reading an article written by Dave Kerpen on the leadership. It struck to me so deeply that I could not help myself to write note on my blog for periodically introspection. 1. Listening “When people talk, listen completely.

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