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Why literacy rate in Bihar is low after 65 years of independence

Indian literacy rate

Why Bihar’s literacy rate is low in India? Isn’t it because of the level of education of political candidates and state level ministers? Indian Constitution Neither the Indian Constitution nor the Representation of the People Act has any mention of

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Request for Applications: Independent Accountability Panel

United Nations Secretary General’s Independent Accountability Panel for the Global Strategy on Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health: Request for Applications The Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health (The Partnership) is soliciting applications for vacancies on the United Nations Secretary

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Strengthening Accountability of development aid

Poor Indian mother and child

Elections are the indispensable root of democracy. Opposition organizations must be free to organize and campaign without fear. Elections measure citizens’ perceptions of their leaders, but elections that don’t work not only obscure citizens’ views, they reveal fundamental cracks in

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Every Woman Every Child Journey

Results and Milestones on EWEC journey

Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) is global movement launched by The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban-Ki-moon for Women’s and Children’s Health in 2010. This movement mobilizes and intensifies international and national action by governments, multi laterals, the private sector

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Rape is not about Sex but Gender Inequality

Rape Yehidi

Rape is a complex crime to analyze in several parts of the world. Rape is not about sex. It is nurtured by gender inequality. Rape is rarely reported. Women in some countries are much less likely to have their complaint

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Inspirational stories : Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha is the first Indian female amputee who climbed Mount Everest. Arunima Sinha was a national level volleyball and football player. She boarded the Padmavati Express train at Lucknow for Delhi on 11April 2011 to take an examination to

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Effect of mistreating immigrants : Brain Drain

Brain Drain

Immigrants have been coming to developed countries for centuries in search of safety, security and freedom. The effect of mistreating immigrants can be severed on the developed countries because the majority of their economy is generated by immigrants. In these

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The habits of highly intelligent smart people

Smart guy selling barbecue

Is smart synonym of intelligent? It is difficult to know that the person acted smartly in a given situation until the time has passed. Are all intelligent people smart? Many intelligent people do stupid things. Only smart people immediately cover

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Social Entrepreneurship : Feed The Street Children

Share my dabba

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Centre for Criminology and Justice, School of Social Work) and Action Aid India has conducted first ever census of street children in Mumbai. Their findings are: A total of 37,059 children were found to

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Empowering women : Barefoot College

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A central belief was that the knowledge, skills and wisdom found in villages should be used for its development before getting skills from outside. Empowering women in rural communities by special education make the village self reliant. The College has

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