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In 2001, the Oratechsolve Inc Company was established in Canada. A company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario in November 2006. The company was registered under Alberta Business Corporation Act as an extra-provincial corporation in Alberta on June 2011.

Oratechsolve Inc has provided project management services to Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Retail, Insurance and health care industries.

Creativity is the essence of life. Innovation is the ability to harness creativity and deliver value. We firmly believe that organizations learn when they take a balanced approach to the importance of both planned and emergent learning. Our services are focused building sustainable learning and innovation in the social-economical environment. We have proven records of delivering effective business strategy results through successful project implementation. In our project management services, we apply the sound principles of Project Management Body of Knowledge, Scrum, and Agile framework. 

We believe that maintenance of high ethical standards in all types of relationships is essential for maximum success.

We value:

  • People who generate strong drive and do the right thing decisively and with confidence.
  • Innovation in transforming needy and disadvantaged people life.
  • Encourage the collaboration with high-caliber people.
  • Develop a strong relationship with clients, competitors and citizen of the world by doing the right thing at all times.

We focus the most critical barriers to change. We develop change management strategies, and use complex learning techniques during implementation of new technology across all industries and geographies.



We have initiated Protect Mothers: Healthy Nation= Healthy Mothers + Healthy Children program to:

  • Offer innovating learning methods in maternal healthcare related information distribution;
  • Activate people’s thinking process through their interaction with virtual real life scenario simulations;
  • Facilitate sustainable positive change in social behaviours that are relevant to pregnant women issues.
  • Encourage health information seeking habits.

Our mission is to provide visual interactive eLearning and mLearning platform to the expecting mothers who don’t have easy access to reliable health information on pregnancy and child growth. Our learning management platform offers culturally adaptable, self-paced and feedback oriented health information. Our solutions are innovative and brave, based on important learning organizations disciplines: Shared vision, mental models, team learning, personal mastery, and systems perspectives.

Our vision of the world is one where:

  • Every woman has access to quality health services;
  • She is well-informed about the best healthy practices;
  • She can make correct decisions to maintain her health as well as her children’s;
  • There will be a reduction in preventable death during pregnancy or childbirth and no incidence of Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting.